Concrete Scanning / Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) also known as concrete scanning, is designed for a safe, non-destructive evaluation of concrete structures.

GPR Scanning

Concrete scanning uses radio waves to locate objects of differing dielectric constant allowing non-destructive location of materials such as plastics, metals, and filling material.

Condrill Services offer a rapid on-site imaging service for cutting, coring, drilling or characterisation of concrete slabs, with little or no design drawings.

The GPR system can analyse concrete at depths of up to 500mm (deeper in some instances), unlike ferromagnetic equipment with limits of 150-200mm.

Scans can be completed in reconnaissance mode (which provides a concrete slab profile) or along grid lines to create 3D models of the concrete.

Applications include;

  • Locate rebar, plastic and metal conduits
  • Locate and estimate depth of post-tension cables
  • Determine cover depth
  • Detect deterioration
  • Discover voids
  • Detect current carrying cables

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